My Garden and What I cook for Lunch


The chili in my small garden in front of my house! Love them!


Picking the “PARE" (Bitter Gourd?? or any other word for Pare in English?) of my backyard!



The Pare is so fresh! How does it taste?

13 14

Raw Pare and Eggplant!


Raw tomatoes! I like this so much…

 6The chili before being cooked!

 7It’s being cooked now!


And it’s the Chili after being cooked!


Raw Cucumber and Petai. (Btw, what’s the English of Petai?? Any suggestion? I have never heard it before.)


Raw Broccoli and Carrot. Broccoli has always been my favorite!


Tofu…love this so much…


And here’s all of them…. it’s ready for lunch now! yummy… So what do you have for you lunch? Share with me please!  

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  1. I don't have anything as yummy looking as what you have for lunch!
    Today I had grilled mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, carrots and broccoli. I wrapped them in foils after drizzling them with organic extra virgin olive oil, and sprinkling them with dill weed, curry and tumeric. Grilled until tender and made open faced sandwiches on whole wheat rounds with a dollop of mustard. Yours looks fresher and better !!! Thanks for sharing! --- Dianna

  2. @ Diana: thanks for sharing! I think yours are nice too. I tried to have a healthy diet by eating more raw food and salad.
    Some fresh lunch has always make me have a better appetite!

  3. That looks like a fabulous lunch! Salad right from the garden is just luscious. I can't wait to start planting our balcony garden.

  4. @ Terri : I am waiting for the photos of your garden and your lunch! I think that must be great!


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