In my Mom’s Backyard Garden at Hometown

I just went hometown to visit my mom a weeks ago. Here’s some picture of the Garden of my Mom’s backyard Garden. She lives in a small village called Bagansiapiapi. It’s far a way from the town. I do love the life there! I left my hometown 8 years ago and went to Jakarta.

Now my mom is a vegetarian. I still remember when I first turned to be Vegan 11 years ago, my family was against me, especially my father. But soon they turned to be vegetarian when they found that I am getting healthier from time to time. Now, my father has passed away! But before he passed away, he had turned  to be a vegetarian too. Love my father so much! I love my family, where we are all vegetarian.

We plant some plants in the backyard garden! Here’s some picture of it!

100_2464 (Large) 100_2465 (Large)  100_2470 (Large) 100_2474 (Large) 100_2478 (Large) 100_2482 (Large) 100_2483 (Large) 100_2488 (Large) 100_2493 (Large) 100_2497 (Large) 100_2498 (Large) 100_2505 (Large) 100_2506 (Large) 100_2508 (Large)

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  1. Very healthy , beautiful and a lovely way to live!

  2. @ Anonymous above: thanks so much. I do love the way to live in my hometown. But I am far away from hometown now!

  3. yg di pic itu ur mom ya??
    itu bukannya kakak sepupu sy???

  4. @tina chua : yup...itu mama saya lho. Lho..kog kakak sepupu kamu pula? boleh tahu ini siapa? mana tahu kita ini masih saudara.


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