My Birthday April 13, 2011

I wonder how quick time passes. So many thing pass in life as the path of time.

Today is my birthday! I got a surprise from my friends who prepared a vegan cake for me. They know that I am vegan, so they make a vegan cake specially for me. Thanks you all so much!

I have no more wish except for turning more people into vegetarian / vegan. I have a dream for a better world, a world of peace without killing, without animal abuse, a paradise where all creatures can live in harmony.

Here is some pictures of my birthday!

DSCN0914 (Large) DSCN0918 (Large) DSCN0919 (Large) 100_3048 (Large)DSCN0933 (Large)  


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  1. WOW is that the cake???!!! The photos are good you look like you are having a great a great birthday :)

  2. @ Michelle Pugh : yep.. that's the vegan cake made by my friend! It was really tasty. I do love it.
    I was having a very great birthday.


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