Pekanbaru March 26, 2011

Here is some photos when I visited Pekanbaru City at the end of March. I do love the city indeed. There was various kind of Vegetarian Food there. And beside, there were a lot of durian in the street where you can stop and choose one. I did love the Durian. They tasted so nice indeed. It only cost Rp. 25.000,- (arround $ 3) for one durian.

The vegetarian food in Pekanbaru is very nice too. Here’s some pictures of my journey to Pekanbaru. And of course the photos of vegetarian food there. I do love the Miso Soup there.  

100_2368 (Large)

100_2358 (Large)
Durian… Love them so much.

 100_2371 (Large)
This is the place where I ate durian with my friends. There were so many people came there just to eat some durian.

100_2361 (Large)
is my friend who took me there to eat durian together.

 100_2367 (Large)
street singer with a golden voice. Love his voice.

  100_2373 (Large)
Oh… I want to take the durian back to Pontianak…

 100_2374 (Large) 100_2382 (Large)

100E2396 (Large)
An oriental cheap hotel at the centre of the city.

 100_2394 (Large)
A Chinese song festival is held here every weekend!

Miso Soup. It only costs $1 for one bowl.

 198051_199746030047498_100000363062684_636766_3110034_nWow… love the miso soup so much… it’s really tasty.

100_2340 (Large)
The fresh Strawberry for the dish.

Sweet Crackers

100_2343 (Large)
And the Potatoes.

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  1. Are you sure that there is no bonito(fish) in that miso soup because it is part of Japanese soup stock or dashi?

  2. and beside, she also told me how to make the miso soup. I got the recipe, I will soon post the recipe here as soon as I practice it myself.

  3. @Anonymous above: of course I am sure, because the owner of the Veggie Restaurant I visited is my friend. And she has been vegetarian for over 25 years, and has been running her veggie restaurant in Pekanbaru for arround 6 years.


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