Decisions of Life

So many things come and go from our life! We could never know what will happen to our life next! Sometimes there’s a fight inside my heart! I don’t even know what the best to choose for my life is! But all what I know, I must do the best decision for my future!

It never occurred to my mind to come to Borneo Island, to west Kalimantan. When I first came to Kalimantan on July 2005, it was for a zircon mining project. I got so much money from the project. Time passed, I was bankrupt due to the world economic recessions on year 2008. I lost everything; I lost all my money, my girl friend passed away for Lupus, then followed by my father who passed away 3 months later. Soon the world seemed to be dark to me. I lost my spirit.

Year 2009, I decided to build Mandarin Centre in Pontianak. And now, the Mandarin Centre has become one of the most favorite mandarin study centres in Pontianak. But now, I feel that I lost my passion. I want to go all over the world. I want to travel all over the world. Pontianak is not the best place for me; Pontianak is too small for me. There’s no more challenge for me here, it’s too easy for me to be no. 1 here. These days, I have been thinking about leaving Pontianak, and go back to Jakarta and build my Mandarin Centre there. I think there will be more challenge for me in Jakarta. But I don’t know whether this is the best choice or not. I have been working hard on my Pontianak Mandarin Centre, I give too much time during this two years. Is the best choice for my life?

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