I Hate the Way Religion Wash Your Brain!

I hate the way religion wash your brain! It’s the most appropriate to express what I feel.

I am going to fire one of my employees because of religion reason. I don’t hate the religion, but I hate the way religion wash your brain. Can’t you become more professional in your job man? Come on, I need professionalism, not for such a religious person like you. I don’t like people talking about religion with me. And now, you just come to my office for not more than two months, but you do take a lot of time to take care of your religion event. I don’t care too much about what you think about religion, but please, I need professionalism, not such a religious person like you who always ask for permission just for some useless religion reason.

Don’t think that I am a religious person just because I am vegan. Let me tell you that I was vegetarian when I was on Buddhism, and now I am vegan for the world, not for religion reason! I am atheist, and I hate the way people talking about religion with me!

As a matter of fact, I was very fanatic on Buddhism, but as the path of time, I feel lonely inside my heart. What’s the meaning of life? What’s life for? No, I must not let myself doing some useless praying all the time without doing something to the world! I need change in my life. That’s not the way my life to be. I am born for a mission, a mission for the world, for all living beings, not for a religion.

Religion had been washing my brain for quite a long time, but now I do think that religion is the poison of life. It does wash your brain. So many people in the world would like to do anything just for religion reason. Terrorism, fanaticism, suicide and so many fool things will be done just for religion reason. How could people become so brainless? Can’t they think of something real for the life?

I know the way of how the religion washes your brain; I was a very fanatic on Buddhism. Then I came to Christian and Muslim, and soon I found that religion do the same way to wash your brain, to frighten up you. Come on, life is so beautiful; life is too short to worry about something not real. We need something real in this life; don’t waste your time for praying and praying while you never know the fact of what will happen after we die. Become real and do something real in this life! Wake up and do something for the world, for this short life!

As a matter of fact, I have no objection with religion; I just wish that we will do more for the world not only by praying and praying, we need action to save the world!

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  1. Bravo!!! Well said and magnificent! I am going to share this on my own pages on Facebook.

  2. @ Terri: thanks for sharing my article!


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