Life comes and goes! Friends too, come and go from our life! Yesterday, I spent my time watching together with some of my friends, actually they are my students, but I always regard my students as my friends! One of them is going to leave for Jakarta on Monday, so we went to watching together. It was really a lovely moment!

What a time I have passed! So many things to do from day to day! Sometimes I really feel so tired! I am tired of life, tired of everything comes to my life!

I work every day, even I still teach Mandarin on Sunday! Sometimes I really enjoy what I do for life! I love my students, I love teaching Mandarin! But sometimes I do feel that I need a holiday! I want to have a holiday, going far away from Pontianak. I want to try my luck in Jakarta. But of course, I must manage my Pontianak Mandarin Centre well first before I leave for Jakarta.

It’s weekend again now! Time passes so quickly. I think I am going to spend my time watching tonight. I bought some DVD sometimes ago, but still I haven’t watched them. I am too busy. Hope tonight will be a lovely moment for me! Watching has always my favorite! It’s the only entertainment for me here! In such a small town like Pontianak, you have nowhere to go.

Hope I will have a great weekend today!

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