New Project On Mandarin Learning Centre

It has been quite a long time I don’t write on this blog. So many things happened, I am not in Pontianak anymore. I have been in Jakarta since March 16, 2012.

It’s a great journey. Life become more difficult for me, but life must go on. I begin everything from the beginning here. My plan to cooperate with Steven Cai seem to be failed. I think I can’t cooperate with such a religious person like him. In business, we must be professional, we must know what’s religious life and what’s business life. He always want to take his religious life to his Alvaro Learning Centre, and I just can’t accept that. And one more things I don’t like from him, he is just too slow on everything. I have already wasted 7 months with Steven Cai, and I think it’s time for me to make a decision now. I decide to quit and build my own Learning Centre now.

I have already decided to begin my new life here in Jakarta. After I decided not to cooperate with Steven Cai, now I am working hard at my own Mandarin Project. I am rebuilding the study system on my Mandarin Centre, I am composing a new mandarin curriculum for school now. I hope someday, every school in Indonesia will use my many mandarin curriculum books, and that will help me to make my fortune. I am also working hard on building a mandarin franchise system for my Mandarin Centre. I hope everything will be smooth for me.


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